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Aarambh Legal is a corporate law firm, catering to companies at all stages of growth across industry sectors, as well as investors and other business stakeholders. We handle complex issues that affect our clients, based on an in-depth understanding of their business and requirements. We constantly innovate our approach, relying upon our experience, to provide cutting edge and dynamic solutions to clients.
Founded in May 2021, with the vision of being a trusted advisor to clients, we at Aarambh, believe in the importance of treating every client engagement as a relationship and not merely as a mandate. We pride ourselves in holding approachability as the touchstone of our client relationship. We are service providers first and foremost and take all steps to ensure the best possible client service.
Being a team of ex-Tier 1 Firm lawyers, we have the collective expertise and experience to handle complex client issues and to provide integrated solution-oriented advice, while maintaining the agility of a start-up.